Disclaimer Policy



★ All Clients must pay half of the total cost up front. no exceptions
★ No Refunds for work already done
★ All Clients will be shown their partially-purchased website before the final transaction.
★ Once client has accepted the design, final transaction should be made where we receive the second half of payment.
★ All clients needing to manage their new website will receive one on one training via Skype screen share on how to maintain their website.

PLEASE NOTE: These appointments for website management training must be made within two weeks of the My completed work to avoid prolonged time on an already completed project which would hinder me in working on other client’s websites. Clients that wish to hire for additional add-on for their website may do so. However understand pricing for this is on a case by case basis depending what is needed to be done. I reserve the right to deny My services on any project that I do not have time for.